SINCE 1955
History of Road Tech Paving

Learning to do exceptional paving work didn’t just happen over night for Road Tech. Their business was passed down from generation to generation in an agreement to carry out the family work for years to come. Their founding fathers taught them the value and trade of the industry at a very young age which has given them the convenience of acquiring many skills and acomplishments through years of experience. Paving wasn’t just a hobby for the Road Tech family, it was and still is to this day, a very important asset to their lives. Starting off as adolescents in the establishment has had many advantages to the company in performing to the highest level of expertise and quality in any operation pitched their way.

All though primarily located in Georgia, Road Tech Paving has traveled all over the southeast to provide extraordinary work to new and current design. Providing numerous improvements to venues that include: residential, commercial and municipal work with the use of asphalt, tar and chip, driveway patch work, and seal coating for existing pavement.
 As one of the most experienced paving contractors in Georgia, our team provides the highest quality of work and at a competitive rate. Not only do we create new paving additions for properties, we also improve and polish up existing constructon if the need arises. We understand the power of environmental damage can cause risk for cracks, breaks and potholes so Road Tech Paving provides simple services to strengthen and prolong the life of your pavement. From driveways to parking lots, private roads and racetracks, there is no job too big or too small that Road Tech can’t handle. We are a universal company that utilizes our tools, materials and knowledge to provide the best proposal for a job well done. 
 Let us lay the foundation to pave the way to your road of success.